Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is recognised as Breast Cancer Awareness month across the world. It is chance for charities and other organisations to raise awareness of the impact breast cancer can have on individuals and families.  

"When we rise, we rally in screening everyone"

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers diagnosed and can have a very high survivability rate if caught early enough. More than 50 000 people are diagnosed every year in the UK and it accounts for 15% of all new cancer cases. It is important to note that whilst most cases are found in women, men are also at risk from developing breast cancer.

This year, the National Breast Cancer Foundation have chosen RISE as the theme for their campaign during the awareness month. Their main focus is to ensure that every woman has access to screenings and support through the diagnosis and treatment process. “When we RISE, we Rally in Screening Everyone.” They have also put together a massive calendar of events and ideas to help people learn more about the illness and the support that is available. This is for both people with a diagnosis and the wider public, including information resources as well as upbeat playlists and ways to connect with the community.  

As medical professionals and trainees, you could use this month to better acquaint yourself with the resources and support available to your patients. You could look into volunteering positions or fundraising should you have the time. It is also important to look after your own health and know the signs of breast cancer you should be looking for on a regular basis.