Hamza Shahbaz

We are thrilled to introduce Hamza Shahbaz, a final year medical student who spent 4 weeks in East Jerusalem during his electives,working in Orthopedics in a Palestinian hospital.

During the workshop he will share why he chose East Jerusalem, how he arranged his elective, including applying for security clearance. His clinical experience in a resource scarce setting, overcoming language barriers and cultural differences and how he navigated political unrest and commutingthrough checkpoints daily.

Caitlin Hopkins & Rachel Ferguson

We are excited to introduce two medical students who have hadprevious experience with electives in Nepal.

During their workshop they will share first-hand experience of their electives, how they organised and arranged the trip and advice about the steps to take to ensure you feel confidentvolunteering in another country.

Kenny Holt & The Vine Trust

We are delighted to introduce Kenny Holt, a programme manager at Vine Trust, who has 25 years of experience in international development projects.

This workshop session will cover the development of two health programmes in Peru and Tanzania.The programmes involve medical ships, to support and strengthen healthcare for remote communities in the Peruvian Amazon and Tanzanian Lake Victoria region.

Dr Caroline Osborne-White

Carolines workshop will focus on the following topics:
1. Preparation for elective – researching the health structure and cultural norms of the place where the elective is being undertaken
2. Professionalism of students – standards expected re conduct and behaviour
3. Reflective practice
4.Examples of advice calls to MPS by elective students

Ben Simms

Over 1 billion people will never encounter a skilled health professional in their lifetime. For over three decades, THET has been striving to address this by training healthcare workers and promoting universal access to affordable, high-quality healthcare.

THET and Students for Global Health have collaborated to develop the Students in Health Partnerships (SHP) toolkit. This resource is designed for health partnership coordinators, emphasizing the role of students. The toolkit highlights the significance of health partnerships, explores the student's role within them, and provides practical guidance and considerations.

The National

Integrating Global Health Into Electives
June 3, 2023, Guys Campus, Kings College, London
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About the conference

The National Electives Conference is an excellent opportunity for medical students and faculty staff to learn from top experts in global health and explore the integration of global health into medical electives. The event will feature workshops, panel discussions, and exhibitions from various companies and charities. It aims to provide insights into the challenges and opportunities of working in different global health contexts, giving attendees the skills and knowledge needed to be effective in these settings.By bringing together professionals, experts, and students passionate about global health, the National Electives Conference will facilitate meaningful discussions, workshops, and keynote speeches on a range of topics. We aim to inspire and empower medical students to make informed decisions about their electives, enabling them to contribute effectively to global health initiatives.

Through engaging sessions and interactive networking opportunities, attendees will discover a wide range of ethical electives options, learn from experienced practitioners, and gain practical knowledge on planning and executing successful electives. We really hope you will join us at the National Electives Conference to expand your understanding of global health and see this as a chance to connect with like-minded individuals and embark on a transformative journey towards a brighter future in healthcare.



Saturday, June 3, 2023 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
Greenwood Theatre, King's College London Guy's Campus, 55 Weston St, London SE1 3RA
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About the organisers

The Electives Network (TEN) have spent the last twenty years helping over one hundred thousand students from around the globe as they plan their electives. They are committed to connecting healthcare professionals and communities, s enabling the development of interconnected and robust health systems which benefit from the skill sharing.

TEN was created in 2001 when a medical student in the UK found that there was no helpful resources available for students planning their electives. As time has passed, TEN has expanded its remit to encompass students from all the allied healthcare professions. As its network of clinics and hospitals around the work has grown, TEN has become a champion for global health education.

Partnering with TEN for the National Elective Conference is the internationally renowned Kings College London (KCL). Ranked in the top 10 UK universities in the world (QS World Rankings 2021), KCL has been encouraging the minds of the next generation for almost two hundred years. Their medical alumni include pathologist Thomas Hodgkin, Nobel Prize winner Maurice Wilkins, and Kofoworola Abeni Pratt the first black nurse in the NHS.

KCL has a longstanding commitment to incorporating global health into its elective module teaching both elements together. Led by Dr Chris Willott, who is also the course director for their Global Health MSC, KCL has a long-standing commitment to asserting the importance of global health for electives.

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