Case Study

TEN relies on its users to provide feedback and detailed case studies for future users. Every month we give £20 to the first 5 case studies we approve.

The case study should be either a five-minute video about your elective or a document around 1000 words and it can be of formal or informal tone. We are quite flexible with the content but it normally works well if you include where you went and why you chose that location/hospital, how you planned and what you wanted to get out of your elective, then what you did while you were there, both in the hospital and in your spare time, perhaps a highlight, and what you feel you got out of the whole experience. We will also need:

  • At least one photo
  • The dates of your elective (estimate will do)
  • The University you attend/attended

There’s no deadline – just submit it when you can!  

Thank you in advance for your efforts. Other students find these case studies so helpful when planning their own electives, and we always really enjoy reading and watching them!  

Submit a Case Study