Our Network

Healthcare partnerships are an important structure at the base of all our work. From creating opportunities for elective students, to enabling research collaborations, to signposting qualified healthcare professionals – at the foundation of all this work is establishing healthcare partnerships.

A healthcare partnership can be difficult to define; in this case, we understand it to be a connection between entities that form the network of healthcare education and practice we promote. It is therefore essential that the core principles of how we create these partnerships are outlined and made clear to all our users and partners.

We rely heavily on the principles of partnership outlined by THET to guide us so that we can ensure the quality and effectiveness of our network. These principles can be found in full here. Our partnerships are a mixture of formal and informal connections and TEN commits to plan, implement, and sustain these partnerships as reciprocal and accountable arrangements over time.

We operate in many different countries and, as an international organisation, we strive to remove international barriers to access which are a result of power or financial disparities. We also commit to not only empowering our partners but to operating as equals, relying on our partners to drive the direction of the outcomes they require. We believe that too often partnerships in Global Health are dominated by donor priorities. In order to address potential power imbalances, TEN seeks to encourage our users and partners to respectfully consider the driving factors of the desired outcomes of the partnership.

In short, we hope to educate and inspire Global Health professionals and agents to understand how discrepancies in need can come about as partnerships are created and developed.