Joshua Allison – Unique Expeditions

Unique Expedition provides an unique experience, taking you off the beaten track into the world’s wilderness, exploring and learning new skills in the process. Founded by Mat and Josh, they offer a passion for providing world-class global expeditions that combine Josh’s expertise in expedition medicine and altitude with Mat’s experience in wilderness living and survival. The team have over 40 years of experience travelling through the earth’s most inhospitable environments. Each expedition is specific and tailored to the group. General topics include:

-       Campcraft – water & hygiene, fire, shelter, food, and sometimes rescue

-       Field skills - navigation, communication, ropework, river crossing etc

-       Trauma scenarios

-       Tropical and travel medicine overview

-       Environment specific conditions e.g. altitude sickness, heat injury, hypothermia, frostbite, snake bites, immersion foot etc

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