Our Visions & Values

Actions speak louder than words, but we think it is important to articulate the values that we aspire to and that underpin the work that we do. As an educational resource, we believe strongly in lifelong learning not just for individuals but also for organisations like ourselves. We ask you to consider our Values and Vision not as a static position but as a work in progress. By reflecting on our values we hope to emphasise the importance of self-reflection and humility within the field of Global Health.

A Global Community

As a network, we recognise the need for strong communication and partnership to encourage and shape global health. We strive to unite communities working towards common goals and support them along the way. It is through collaboration and communication that improvements in healthcare become possible. We believe in creating a network of global health professionals who can share the benefits of their experience globally, nationally, locally, and individually through reciprocity and equality. By working with partners who share our beliefs we hope to be part of a global community of healthcare professionals.

Respectful Partnerships

We believe that everyone deserves a place at the table and everyone’s unique experience and knowledge can benefit the wider community. We respect everyone’s right to be heard, with confidence that they will be listened to fairly. Nowhere is this more important than in establishing healthcare partnerships globally.

We believe in equity of knowledge and learning on all sides of the partnership. As such we promote strategic, effective, and sustainable partnerships at the very centre of our operations. We are convinced that well organised and accountable networks are the future of global health.

Strength in Diversity

We encourage and support all members of our community regardless of religious beliefs, race, sexuality, gender, or any other distinction. We value our differences as much as our similarities, recognising their importance in forming a strong global network. We will both practically and actively champion diversity, facilitating an all-voices approach regardless of identity-related power or status.

Ethical and Not for Profit

We are passionate about removing the outdated and unethical practices that have taken advantage of communities for the sake of profit. The partnerships we create are informed by these beliefs aimed at working toward a fairer and more equal global health community. We strive to empower individuals to consider and understand the ethical repercussions of their actions and the complexities of the voluntourism industry, which is so entwined in many global health projects.

Advancement Through Education

We understand that the best way to create progress benefitting a global community is through learning. We will offer a platform to a diverse range of voices that seek to improve understanding throughout the field, be that through research, live lectures, round tables, hands-on experiences, publications, or an array of other practices that suit the need. We will inspire lifelong learning through our work and are committed to bringing conversations about global health to a wider audience.

Humility as Action

We know there may be times when we do not get it right and we will be the first to admit it. We believe in humility, accepting feedback, and being open to change, as well as the importance of personal responsibility, trustworthiness, and transparency from not only our team but our partners too. Cultural sensitivity and humility as action is a cornerstone of our work in developing networks. Trust and respect are foundational to our approach and in our willingness to learn we hope to ensure the trust and respect of our partners.